Aikido “The way of universal harmony” is not sports. No cage, no gloves, and no referee. Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art for self-defense in everyday life.

 The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei (Great teacher) took his extensive training in Japanese sword, staff and empty hand styles among others, and developed a modern system for training rooted in the principles of ancient wisdom and traditions.

  All Aikido techniques are applied in almost endless combination and used to redirect the force of an opponent.  This idea of redirecting force and not struggling with it, allows a smaller or weaker person to defend against a larger stronger person, because it does not depend on equal or superior force.

 The study of Aiki and aplication of Aikido techniques such as striking, joint locks, pinning techniques (controls), balance and leverage (throws) and blending (timing skills) are developed through sincere study and training.

                             Development through sincere study and training

                                             That is what we do here.